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Cycles of Longevity…Inspired by Orchid

Orchid 1

This orchid was given to me as a birthday gift almost three years ago. When I got it, it had two stems both with flowers on them and three big leaves. Within 6 months or so the flowers fell off and the stems dried up and I cut them down as close to the leaves as possible. I read online that others would eventually grow back but I had no idea when. In the meantime, by the next year a new leaf had started to grow and I was so excited. I figured even if I never got more flowers, the plant was healthy and happy and still growing. The following year another new leaf starting budding up and I was so pleased again. And so it went, I watering it once a week, keeping it moist, giving it loving attention. Having no expectations except that it stay alive for as long it could. Then one day about a month ago I saw what I thought was a tiny bud on the side of the leaves. I looked closer and sure enough it was the bud of a new stem growing! I decided to inspect the plant fully and found two bigger buds silently growing on the other side. I was elated!!! At the time of this picture, there are now 5 buds altogether which is more than it originally had when I got it. I am continuing to care for it and nurture it as it goes through this next cycle of its life.
So, it got me thinking about the cycles of life in general and how we seem to have lost touch with what they are in our daily lives. It can seem like that, where you go along day after day doing the same things and nothing different really happens. And we don’t really notice the fruits of our labor and care. But change is constant. And whether we notice or not, we go through cycles of blooming and resting and re-blooming. But in this busy, stressed out world we live in today, we can feel like we want to be blooming all the time. And that’s just not how it works in nature. (And we are part of nature).  I think my orchid may last for many years. At least I hope it will. And like my life it will continue to go through cycles of blooming, transforming, resting. It has reminded me that I need to do all these things to have the longevity and balance that I hope to achieve as I follow my path on this earth. That I will have times of blooming and resting and transformation. But only if I take care of myself and be patient with myself and love myself the way I have with my orchid.
So remember to do the same with yourself. Care for yourself, be patient with yourself and spend some time trying to notice when new ideas are budding in your life so you might support them to bloom as they desire. And in the meantime, take time to rest and rejuvenate so you have the energy you need to help those buds blossom then they are ready!

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