To the pursuit of a long, healthy life!


on October 19, 2015

older adults in field of flowers

Longevity Living is an idea, a concept that embodies all aspects of leading a full, meaningful, loving, healthy life. Finding your joy and passion as part of leading that life, and knowing life isn’t ‘over’ when you reach a certain age. Knowing that there are always possibilities at any age, not accepting any perceived limits—yours or other’s. It’s about finding what’s meaningful to you. It’s about thinking about yourself and loving yourself well, at any age, with the intention of living as well as possible for as long as possible. It’s about understanding ALL that life has to offer each one of us, and all WE have to offer the world and pursuing the grandest picture we can imagine for ourselves in our health, our work, our relationships, and our spirit. The universe is ours, and we have much to contribute!

One of my passions is making art from recycled materials, currently that includes old magazines and security envelopes, as well as wood and other items. I would love to hear what you’re passionate about, so, please share.  And have a great week!



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